Scythian at the Dayton Celtic Festival

Scythian   The past few weeks had been absolutely dreadful, as far as the weather in the Dayton area was concerned. But this particular Saturday welcomed a break in the oppressive humidity and scalding high temperatures. I had a portrait session in the AM at Wegerzyn Gardens with a friend from out of town and […]

Band Photography – Funky G at the OE

Funky G at the Oregon Express – Band Photography Funky G, aka Greg, also does Karaoke at W.O. Wright’s, and will soon be starting a Tuesday show down at the Vue.  They asked him to get a shot for their promo flyer, so he asked if I could take it for him.  So we talked, […]

Band Photography – Funky G and the Groove Machine

Band Photography of Funky G Band photography is always a challenge especially now that a lot of small venues are moving to LED lights.  LEDs bring a different challenge than the old tungsten par cans.  They are almost as bright as lasers and lead to a lot of contrast and color mixing issues. I chose […]

Band Photography – Festive Skeletons by Alex Sablan

Band Photography at W.O. Wright’s Band photography is always fun, especially when its a band you have listened to for more than fifteen years. Festive, as the locals call them, was coming back to W.O. Wright’s for the first time in years.The band got together in the mid-nineties and quickly became popular in the local bar […]